Changing Pathways deliver The Early offer of Help Success through Effective Parenting Support (STEPS), which is an 8-week therapeutic, service user-led group programme. The key focus of the STEPS programme is to raise awareness of, and lessen, the impact on parenting of domestic abuse.

The groups meet weekly for 2 hours at Children’s Centres in Thurrock for 8 weeks, with each week focusing on a different topic, including:

  • Types of Domestic abuse
  • Children’s exposure to domestic abuse
  • Impact of domestic abuse on children
  • Strengthening positive relationships
  • Building on resilience and self-esteem

During the programme, women gain support from both the facilitators and each other, and are empowered to address the issues affecting them and their children. As well as exploring the emotional impact of abuse on them and their children, the programme also provides an opportunity to develop/build on positive parenting after domestic abuse.

The groups are confidential and everyone is given the opportunity to share, without ever being forced to.

Women who have completed the STEPS programme have said:

“It was effective and supportive and raised my awareness around the negative impact of domestic abuse”

“My relationship with my children has changed significantly due to attending the Programme”

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